My first post and Patrick Guerin

Finally I join the blogging bandwagon after months of worrying that I am not computer savvy enough. I have to say a big thank you to Patrick Guerin, who actually answered my mail with encouragement.

I guess that is what happens to most people. They procrastinate over little issues and at the end of the day, precious times have passed by. Hence I told myself, it shouldn't be that case to me again. I shall do what I intend to do. Right away.

Yes, it is now easy enough for anyone to start a blog as I have found out today. Definitely I will post as much as I can and I hope anyone who stumbles upon here will kindly leave some friendly comments. I prefer to live in a nice world.

Some intro.

My name is Jody Graham and I live in Spingmount, VIC, Australia. That's all I got to say as I am still a very private person. Married with 2 grown up kids.

Lastly, I wish to say a big thank you to this medium psychic, called Patrick Guerin from France. He gave me a big hint recently regarding some luck in my life. I am really grateful.

Chat again :D


  1. Hi Patrick Guerin This is Jay Pasquarille In Amarillo Texas My Address Was 510 Pittsburg 79104
    But My New Address is 902 N Virginia 79106 Me and My Wife Need A Lot Of Help To Get Thees Bad Luck Spirits Off of Us it Seems that Every Were we go we have Bad Luck it wont let us Go at all is there and thing you can do? My DOB is 04/30/1964
    SSN 147/54/7606

  2. I recently responded to Mr. Guerin request to help me out of desperation. Not sure what to expected but I have nothing to loose. What I would like to know is if this guy is who he says he is and how has your life been impacted by his actions?

    Please email me a "ramon.riveraalmena@gmail.com" with a response. I too am very private and would appreciate your discretion.