Bad Patch in Life

I perfectly understand that at times life can be so unbelievably "suck".

Yes, something is happning to me in my life now but I can't put in into words somehow. Its just inexplicable.

I have been complacent all these while and I totally fail to see it coming, even thought some warning signs are there. It hurts when it crashes onto my face.

My humble ego has been bruised and now all I can do is just playing with my guitar with furore to release my stress. I am worried I will break the strings.

I also do a lot of jogging in the forest trail not far away from my house. Of course, this is not complete without being a little drunk.

Maybe it’s true that life’s hurt only when you’re awake.

It's true, I failed to follow the advice of Patrick Guerin that something bad will fall on me.


Gravity of Love

As a nature lover, I watch in awe the this HD video from youtube. It's amazing how clear these online videos are nowadays, considering they are rather grainy just a year a couple of years ago. Anyway, this is a great compilation of great music and beautiful nature shots.

Yes, I hope it will move you as much as it moves me, to do our little part to conserve our beautiful planet so that the next generation will have a chance to live in a spiritually harmonious environment.

"As we cultivate peace and happiness in ourselves, we also nourish peace and happiness in those we love."



I think this is really funny. If Facebook existed 400 years ago, this could be the conversation...I think Facebook has really revolutionised how we communicate and socialise. Nowadays we don't even have to SMS, just Fbooking will do and let your gang know what's going on.

It will be good if Patrick Guerin or some useful people come to Facebook so that we can communicate with them in real time.

Believe That Things In Life Happen For Reasons

Somehow I realise that things of good or bad always come after one another.

Routine everyday activity recently has been rather dominant in my life. My normally creative mind has been staying low as such, and by the end of the week, I came to understand that certain things really are beyond my control and at times, I just have to let go of it with a grin on my face. Well, there won't be details here as I do not wish to make this blog a place for tabloidal neighbourhood news.

In a space of 1 week, my family of 4 receives 2 bits of information which is highly contrasting. It is like a roller coaster, getting high at one moment, and plunging frantically downwards the next.

Just to state that we are a family that controls our emotions well. We are unlike other families. My 2 kids where even more contrasting. One is quietly brilliant while another one was a born leader. I feel blessed really.

But when we come to emotions, we just don't display it affectionately. A moment of pauses and analysis first before Trevor would blurt out his opinions first while Alex will offer his unconventional views of the situation. Something like a general and his trusted aide. Another reason to initially censor is to get hold of my early reaction before I try to offer comfort to the rest. It may not be right, but it is how we collectively deal with life, as a cohesive unit.

I wish I have the supernatural power to step in and control the bad one. Unfortunately, all I can do is be supportive, remain optimistic and pray. I guess they happen for a reason which only a spiritual psychic can answer me.


My first post and Patrick Guerin

Finally I join the blogging bandwagon after months of worrying that I am not computer savvy enough. I have to say a big thank you to Patrick Guerin, who actually answered my mail with encouragement.

I guess that is what happens to most people. They procrastinate over little issues and at the end of the day, precious times have passed by. Hence I told myself, it shouldn't be that case to me again. I shall do what I intend to do. Right away.

Yes, it is now easy enough for anyone to start a blog as I have found out today. Definitely I will post as much as I can and I hope anyone who stumbles upon here will kindly leave some friendly comments. I prefer to live in a nice world.

Some intro.

My name is Jody Graham and I live in Spingmount, VIC, Australia. That's all I got to say as I am still a very private person. Married with 2 grown up kids.

Lastly, I wish to say a big thank you to this medium psychic, called Patrick Guerin from France. He gave me a big hint recently regarding some luck in my life. I am really grateful.

Chat again :D